1. My parents don’t understand how big this whole college decision is. Are they aware that I’m moving out of the house in five months? If you’ve been reading my posts, you know that I was set on Boston College for the longest time, but now that that’s gone and now that I have to decide between Boston University and Northeastern University, the whole decision got harder. I’m supposed to go to their accepted student days next weekend, but my dad just called me down asking if we really have to go to both, or if we can just go to Northeastern. sdfghjklkjhgfdsa. I honestly have no clue if I seem selfish for wanting to take that 6 hour drive for one weekend or if I’m absolutely justified for wanting to see where I’ll be living for the next 4 or 5 years. Is this decision not a big one at all? Cause in the eyes of my parents, it’s no big deal. The whole point in driving up to Boston is so I can see both schools and make my decision. Honestly, if I knew which school I wanted to go to, I wouldn’t bother going to the accepted student days. 

    So I basically got into a fight with my parents about all these shenanigans. I told my dad to forget about booking a hotel. And now I’m upstairs in my room deciding whether I’m going to BU, NU, or if I REALLY need to take that trip up there next weekend.

    WTF… this is not how I’m supposed to make my college decision.

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  2. cliche-blog-title said: I just came back from my Admit Day, and maybe it was just this school doing it weirdly but if you can try to go on a school day. Admit is so much more of a different feel and was more of a social/”YAY you’re in”, and scripted info…but DEF go!
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  4. triciabean said: you need to tell them that Kyle. did your parents go to school? I mean yes theyre both in the same area, but have you visited them before? do you have a feel of what the life and campus and the all around energy is like in each place?
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